An Overview of Raymond’s Cost-effective, Dual-Purpose Matching Glass!

An Overview of Raymond’s Cost-effective, Dual-Purpose Matching Glass!

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We are in an era where brands are trying out to enhance customer experience by incorporating technological innovations that incur a substantial cost. At the same time, brands are also attempting to pan out cost-effective means of innovations. Of late, I came across one such economic strategy i.e. utilization of a dual-purpose matching glass, deployed by the Indian branded fabric and fashion retailer, Raymond.

Recently, I and my father visited one of the Raymond outlets in Chennai, to purchase cloth materials for a pair of formal shirt and trousers.

Firstly, we selected a couple of shirtings.

Then, we selected a set of clothes for pant. To facilitate us in rounding off our activity of selecting matching cloth materials, the store assistant placed the shirt cloth above that of the trouser and placed a matching glass over them, as below…


The matching glass has been created in such a way that the shirt and pant parts of the glass are transparent. So, every time when the glass is placed over a set of shirt and pant clothes, the consumer can get to know how well they appear on a person.

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Apart from providing a preview of a shirting and trouser cloth, the matching glass promotes Raymond’s custom tailoring service.

You could notice the hashtag, #TailorYourStyle, Raymond logo and the text, CUSTOM TAILORING inscribed over the glass. Wherein, the hashtag and text refer to the brand’s service, Raymond Custom Tailoring. According to Raymond, the service offers customized shirts, trousers & custom suits made using high-quality fabrics with assistance from experienced stylists.

Click here to know more about the offering!

Watch below the advertisements for Raymond’s custom tailoring service…

When clothing companies like American Apparel are letting customers watch videos of models wearing the brand’s clothes in its Augmented Reality app, Raymond’s approach of using matching glass appears to be cost-effective and at the same time, serving dual-purpose.

Photo Courtesy: Fotor and Raymond

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