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4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace

4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace

Personal Branding Article - 4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace
4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace

Do you feel that you don’t get enough recognition in your workplace in spite of doing your tasks? You need not feel dejected anymore. I have jotted down 4 ways that could help you to earn the recognition in your workplace that you have been craving for. Let us have a look at them.

1) Project yourself to your superior:

Firstly, in your workplace, you must try to effectively accomplish the tasks that have been assigned to you. Then, at the right time, proactively let your superior know that you have successfully completed the tasks. Also, when you face any obstacles – which you feel are beyond your control -, that hinder you to complete your work successfully, convey your superior about the same in advance. This will help the superior to come up with solutions that could address your concerns.


By projecting yourself to your superior, you make him/her feel that entrusting you with a work ensures a positive result. Also, you make an impression that you express yourself well in adverse circumstances.

2) Grab the opportunities:

You should always be aware of the happenings in your workplace. While being so, when you feel that a scenario requires a handsome contribution from an individual and that individual could be you, without a second thought, try to work out on a plan that could guide you to contribute to the scenario. In this process, ensure that your actual tasks don’t get affected. Most importantly, have a word with your superior regarding your plan.


You implicitly convey to your superior that you are interested in taking additional responsibilities. This attitude of yours counts a lot when you move up in your career ladder.

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3) Create opportunities:

It is not always you get scenarios where you could contribute your efforts. Sometimes you have to create opportunities that could set the platform for you to showcase your abilities. When you are successfully done with your actual tasks, think of the areas related to your work where you could add values by means of the skills that you are naturally inclined to. For example, if you are interested in public speaking then arrange for a session whose main theme could be fun, motivation, education etc.,


As a result of creating opportunities and executing them, you will earn a good impression from your superior and the people above your superior. Your skills will also get projected to various people across your workplace.

4) Ease off the workload of your superior:

It is not always your superior will explicitly ask for your help in easing off his/her work pressure. When you have accomplished your tasks and you feel that your superior needs a help in executing his tasks then let him your help. For you to think this way, you need to have a bigger picture of the processes that are happening in your workplace.


By easing off the workload of your superior, you sort of create a personal bond with him/her. As far as the workplace activities are concerned, the personal bond enhances the mutual understanding between you and your superior.

Hope my 4 ways and their takeaways gave you the much needed heads up for your concern. Now, try applying these 4 ways in your workplace and enjoy the benefits that they offer.