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‘The Nun 2’ Movie Promotions Prepare You To Be Terrified

‘The Nun 2’ Movie Promotions Prepare You To Be Terrified

Movie promotions excite me, but what excites me, even more, is the brilliant incorporation of the unique aspects of movies into their respective promotional strategies rather than just deploying generic or conventional advertising. For instance, in my previous blog post on the promotion of the Tamil movie, ‘Maaveeran, I mentioned how the installation of a transparent banner, featuring the movie’s poster, on the facade of a cinema hall, made the people passing through the set-up recreate the iconic ‘overhead stare’ of Sivakarthikeyan in the film. Unless ‘Maaveeran‘ has a sequel/prequel/spin-off, this activation is certain to not be repeated for any other movie as it is closely associated with the film’s theme. In this regard, I recently came across some exciting stuff from the makers of the movie, ‘The Nun 2‘. I feel psyched about a couple of those strategies. So, lemme share them in this blog post!

“Creepy” nuns, all over the place:

As a part of the movie’s marketing campaign by ‘Warner Bros. Pictures‘, around twenty “creepy” nuns (humans dressed up as the evil entity, ‘Valak’ that features in the movies, ‘The Conjuring 2’, ‘The Nun’ and ‘The Nun 2’) have been set out in public to carry out a candlelight stroll.

The army of nuns flooded across some significant landmarks of different cities in the United States of America, like Brooklyn, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Denver, Atlanta and Washington, D.C, in Canada, like Montreal and Toronto, in England, like London and in India, like Mumbai.

Apart from swarming landmarks across different cities of various countries, the nuns made their appearance at the annual horror events, like ‘HorrorHound Weekend‘ and ‘Popcorn Frights‘ and at the movie’s exclusive screenings, like the annual speculative fiction fan convention, ‘Fan Expo Canada‘.

Below are the posts from the official X accounts of ‘The Nun‘ movie, ‘Warner Bros. UK‘ and ‘Warner Bros. India‘ on the stunt…

Across cities in the United States of America…

In London, England…

In Mumbai, India…

Throwback to a similar ‘”Creepy” nuns, all over the place’ stunt for ‘The Nun’:

Upon noticing these “creepy” nuns on the move, the excellent marketing campaign of the 2022 science fiction horror film, ‘M3gan‘ might occur to you, but I’d like to convey here that ‘The Nun‘ had similar promotions way back in 2018.

Here’s a look back at the movie’s campaign.

In Sydney, ‘Roadshow Films‘ and ‘OMD‘, in partnership with ‘Habitat‘, orchestrated a campaign, wherein unsuspecting morning commuters were in for a fright from a bevy of demonic nuns. Likewise, ‘Warner Bros. Canada‘ studio, in collaboration with the agency, ‘Rooftop‘, set out three teams of six nuns each to hit the streets, chanting in Latin and distributing double-sided prayer cards encouraging fans to share on social media using “I Hate #NUNDays” (NUNDay, a wordplay on Mondays). The activations in Canada were created to mark the studio’s partnership with ‘FanExpo‘, which has been considered a part of the Canadian strategy for the movie. Though these stunts appear to be relatively small-scale compared to that of ‘The Nun 2‘, they are equally creative.

Terror appears when you least expect it – A “creepy” newsstand:

Toward the end of ‘The Nun 2‘ trailer, you’d see the protagonist, ‘Sister Irene‘ gazing at a Valak-like artwork on a book at a newsstand. Upon hearing rapid footsteps, she gasps and then turns back only to see nothing. Again, as she turns slowly toward the newsstand, the Valak appears right in front of her from nowhere and has her in a chokehold.

The makers of ‘The Nun 2‘ kind of recreated the above scene.

A ‘The Nun 2‘ branded newsstand was placed in Venice Beach, California. Unsuspecting beachgoers felt shocked as a Valak popped out of the newsstand while they got closer to the prop and started having a look at the magazines. It’s just like how it makes an appearance in the scene from nowhere. As a result, it scares the shit out of them.

Below is the post from the official X account of ‘The Nun‘ movie on the stunt…

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So, how are these promotions gonna help the movie’s opening weekend prospects at the box office?

Upon encountering unusual sights of nuns in public, passersby would be nudged to stop by. Capture photographs of, or probably take selfies with the nuns. In the ‘The Nun 2‘ trailer, you’ll notice the girl named ‘Sophie‘ say ‘I saw a nun‘. If you notice the copies in almost all the X posts above, you’ll see the hashtag, ‘#ISawANun‘. So, any passersby noticing the nuns could later excitedly say, “I saw a nun” to their families and friends. Also, if they share their clicks, with nuns, on social media, they could probably include the hashtag, ‘#ISawANun‘. Thereby, the film’s producers make the audience recreate a moment of the movie. This would pave the way for user-generated content, helping organically to get the word out about the movie. And thereby, evoking interest in the film.

With respect to promoting movies in the annual horror events aforesaid, there’s a key takeaway point. FIND WHO & WHERE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MOVIE IS AND THEN INVENTIVELY PROMOTE IT THERE.

So, in the aforementioned way, the promotions might help the movie’s opening weekend prospects at the box office.

Hope you liked the promotions for the movie, ‘The Nun 2‘ and my take on the same. Lemme know your feedback on this blog post’s comments section.

Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. India

P.S. ‘The Nun 2‘, which is a sequel to ‘The Nun‘ (2018) and the ninth instalment in ‘The Conjuring Universe‘ franchise, is scheduled for a theatrical release on September 7, 2023. Do watch in Cinemas!

4 captivating Content Marketing innovations applied for some fascinating movies of Hollywood

4 captivating Content Marketing innovations applied for some fascinating movies of Hollywood

4 Captivating Content Marketing Innovations applied for some Fascinating Movies of Hollywood
4 captivating Content Marketing innovations applied for some fascinating movies of Hollywood

After posting my previous write-up titled, ‘4 INNOVATIVE AND INTERESTING CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGIES IMPLEMENTED BY HORROR MOVIES IN HOLLYWOOD’, I came to know about 4 more Content Marketing strategies/campaigns – which I felt to be innovative and interesting – that have been implemented to promote 4 different movies belonging to 4 different genres (One movie belonging to the Horror Genre). So, I have come up with this post to brief about those 3 strategies. Below are the briefs on those campaigns, which had served as perfect preludes to the theatrical or the DVD releases of their respective movies.

1. ‘Flying People in New York City’ for ‘Chronicle’:

Chronicle (2012)
Chronicle (2012)

Few days prior to the release of the 20th Century Fox’s found footage film, ‘Chronicle’, a video titled ‘Flying People in New York City’ made by ThinkModo (a marketing agency), was uploaded to the YouTube channel, ‘ChronicleNYC’ on January 30, 2012. In this video, 3 6-foot tall human-shaped Radio Controlled planes (RC planes) could be seen flying above the Manhattan skyline with the passers-by over the streets feeling clueless on seeing the planes and some even capturing them on their phones.

Flying People in New York City’ for ‘Chronicle’
‘Flying People in New York City’ for ‘Chronicle’

This was a strategy that was ideated and executed by ThinkModo, in association with 20thCentury Fox, to promote the movie by creating an illusion of people flying. ThinkModo, by taking cues from the movie’s poster, had then hired model airplane builders to device 5 human-shaped RC planes and make 3 of them fly (2 RC planes were backups). This event took place in New York on January 27, 2012.

The video had then garnered more than 5 million hits before the movie’s release date i.e., February 3, 2012 and the movie opened at number one in box office. Till date, the video has clocked more than 9 million views.

Click here to watch the video.

P.S. In January 2017, ThinkModo, in association with Paramount Pictures, came up with the video titled, ‘Rings (2017) – TV Store Prank’ to create a buzz for the movie, ‘Rings’. To know more about the video and its backdrop, click here.

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2. ‘Unlock The 007 In You. You have 70 seconds’ for ‘Skyfall’:

Skyfall (2012)
Skyfall (2012)

As part of Coke Zero’s marketing campaign, ‘Unlock The 007 In You’, Coca Cola’s North West Europe and Nordics business unit, in association with the makers of ‘Skyfall’, released the video titled, ‘Unlock The 007 In You. You have 70 seconds’. The sequence of events shown in this video has been shot in the Central Station of Antwerp, Belgium.

Unlock The 007 In You. You have 70 seconds’ for ‘Skyfall’
‘Unlock The 007 In You. You have 70 seconds’ for ‘Skyfall’

In this video, we see that when an individual approaches the Coke Zero vending machine that has been placed in the station, they are let known that they are offered with a chance to win exclusive tickets to ‘Skyfall’. In order to participate in the event of winning tickets, they are asked to provide their names in the machine. On entering their name, they are asked to go to platform 6 in next 70 seconds. On their way to platform 6, they face few funny obstacles. Upon reaching platform 6, they are asked to sing the bond tune to win tickets. After doing so, they get their tickets.

This video, which was released on October 2012, went viral garnering over 3 million views in a week.

Click here to have a look at the video.

3. ‘Scariest Two-way Mirror Prank’ for ‘Conjuring 2’:

The Conjuring 2
The Conjuring 2 (2016)

To promote the DVD release of ‘Conjuring 2’, a video was released in the YouTube channel, ‘Roadshow Entertainment’ on September 19, 2016. The video showcases the happenings that had happened after the screening of ‘Conjuring 2’ in a warehouse in Sydney. In the video, soon after the completion of the warehouse screening, we get to see the audience being asked to wait alone in a room for an interview to share their experience about the movie.

In the video, six hours before the event, we are shown technicians setting up a false wall, mounting a two-way mirror on it, placing bulbs around the mirror and illuminating them to make the setup look like a make-up room. Behind the mirror, a lady in the makeover of the frightening nun, ‘Valak’ that appeared in ‘Conjuring 2’, is made to stand. Another lady in the similar makeover is made to stand hiding in the room. Audience waiting out there in the room are unaware of the room’s setup.

When the people approached the mirror, they are being scared by the lady who is standing behind the mirror followed by the nun who stands hiding in the room.

Scariest Two-way Mirror Prank’ for ‘Conjuring 2’
‘Scariest Two-way Mirror Prank’ for ‘Conjuring 2’

The video also has the clip of ‘Conjuring 2’ from which the idea for this video was brought out.  Hidden cameras placed inside the room captured the reactions of the people. The video, ‘THE CONJURING 2 – SCARIEST TWO-WAY MIRROR PRANK EVER’ was made out of the footage that has been obtained from such hidden cameras. Till now, the video has got more than 2 million views and is still counting.

Click here to take a look at the video.

4. ‘Spider-Man Grabs Coffee’ for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’:

Spider-Man Homecoming
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Spider-Man Grabs Coffee’, the promotional video content – shot in a Starbucks of New York City – for the 2017 American superhero film, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ has been released by Sony Pictures Entertainment in their official YouTube channel on June 27, 2017. The strategy is the brain child of ThinkModo – the agency behind the ideations and executions of ‘Flying People in New York City’ for ‘Chronicle 2’ and ‘Rings (2017) – TV Store Prank’ for ‘Rings’.

Spider-Man Grabs Coffee’ for ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’
‘Spider-Man Grabs Coffee’ for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

In the video, we get to see the Starbucks customers, waiting to get their orders, getting surprised and some even scared, when the Spider-Man-suited stuntman Chris Silcox drops from the ceiling – just like how the Spider-Man appears upside down in movies – to get hold of his brew. After realising that the happening is just a prank, few get to click selfies with the Spider-Man. Stan Lee, the Marvel’s originator also makes an appearance in the video.

This promotional video has till now clocked more than 3 lakh views and is still counting.

Click here to watch the video.

So, here I end my post that provides an overview about the 4 captivating Content Marketing innovations that have been applied for 4 fascinating movies of Hollywood. If you enjoyed reading this post, I would be very thankful if you could share the same on Twitter or Facebook, or even email your friend. Thank you!