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5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands

5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands

5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands
5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands

After reading the article titled, ‘What Is Guerrilla Marketing? 7 Examples to Inspire Your Brand’ written by Amanda Zantel-Weiner for Hubspot, I had surfed the internet to know more of such interesting Guerrilla Marketing strategies. Consequently, I came across innumerable strategies which I felt as being interesting. Among those, I have picked 5 and briefed about them in this post. Let’s take a look on them:

1. ‘Eyes On The Road’ Campaign for ‘Volkswagen’:

Volkswagen Eyes On the Road Campaign
Eyes On The Road’ Campaign for ‘Volkswagen

Via the ‘Eyes On the Road’ campaign, Volkswagen, in association with Ogilvy & Mather China, had offered societal values in a creative manner with the assistance of technology. In the campaign, they raised awareness among the people by highlighting the dangers of texting while driving.

As part of the campaign, a video was released, wherein the people initially seem to be waiting to watch a movie in ‘MCL Cinema’ in Hong Kong. In the movie hall, the lights go down and a video depicting the driving of a car, from the driver’s viewpoint, starts playing on the big screen. Then, a location-based short message is sent from the projector room to the defined Geo location within the theater i.e., to the mobile devices of the people who are out there in the theater. When everyone tries to take a look at the message in their respective mobiles, the car in the big screen is shown crashing. When everyone in the movie hall is rendering a clueless stare over the on-screen happening, the message, “Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel” is displayed on the screen. Following which the audience are let known that all what they experienced till that moment was a reminder to them to keep their eyes on the road while driving. The Volkswagen logo accompanied by the phrase, ‘Das Auto.’ gets displayed at the end of the ad.

Click here to watch the video.

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2. ‘A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop’ prank for ‘Carrie’:

A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop’ prank for ‘Carrie’
A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop’ prank for ‘Carrie

To promote the 2013 Hollywood horror film Carrie, its makers, in association with Thinkmodo, had staged a larger than life situation in Snice Coffee Shop in West Village, New York.

Before staging the event in the cafe; a fake wall was put up in the shop, a pulley system was integrated to the fake wall, tables and chairs were remote controlled and pictures and books were spring loaded. Following which, few actors – including the primary characters, a stunt man and a woman – posing as customers, were made to sit inside the coffee shop.

Whenever a customer, who is unaware of the above mentioned setup, visits the shop, the stunt man topples the coffee of the woman, who is seated in the nearby table, and pretends as if he unintentionally did so. Getting angry over her coffee being spilt, the woman is shown unleashing her telekinetic powers. As a result of which, the customers see the stunt man getting lifted up the fake wall, chairs and tables being moved randomly from their positions and pictures and books being thrown from the shelves and walls.

Click here to enjoy watching the prank video.

3. ‘Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ prank for ‘Pepsi Max’:

Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ for ‘Pepsi Max’
Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ prank for ‘Pepsi Max

To promote PepsiCo’s ‘Pepsi Max’, Augmented Reality was deployed – in an interesting manner – over a see through window, available in the bus shelter of London’s New Oxford Street.

In the bus shelter, people were surprised on seeing unbelievable events on the see through window; a bomb approaching the bus shelter and exploding after dashing the glass, a tentacle of an octopus popping up from the drainage pit and abducting a person into the hole, a set of flying saucers floating above the skyline, a man hanging from balloons advancing towards the bus shelter, a giant laser-shooting robot and a fully grown tiger running towards the bus shelter.

Click here to have a look at the Augmented Reality stunt of Pepsi Max.

4. ‘Invisible Car’ Campaign for ‘Mercedez-Benz’:

Invisible Car’ Campaign for ‘Mercedez Benz’
Invisible Car’ Campaign for ‘Mercedez Benz

Mercedez-Benz, in association with Jung von Matt (an Advertising agency headquartered in Germany), had implemented an innovative campaign to promote their F-CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology (a technology that allows the car to have zero-emissions or emit no pollutants to the environment).

As part of the campaign, mats containing numerous LEDs were utilized to cover the driver side of the car leaving out the tyres. A camera that was placed on the other side of the car captured the happenings on its side and transmitted them to the LEDs. Initially, the public were puzzled to see the car. Later, after getting to know on how the technology operates, they gathered around the car to enjoy watching their own reflections on the LEDs.

Click here to watch the glimpse of the ‘Invisible Car’ campaign.

5. ‘So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video for ‘LG’:

So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video for ‘LG’
So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video for ‘LG

To advertise their IPS monitors, LG, along with SuperHeroes (an Advertising agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands) had come up with a video where unsuspecting people were pranked of dropping floors in a moving elevator.

Before the prank, 3’*3’ of IPS monitors were placed over the lower surface of an elevator to actually look like the lift’s floor. After people got into the elevator and it started moving, in each monitor, a video played in such a way that the floor of the lift appeared dropping. The perplexed reactions of the people, in response to the prank, were captured on hidden cameras that were placed inside the elevator.

Click here to watch the ‘So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video.

So, here I end my article about the 5 amazing Guerrilla Marketing strategies that have been implemented by 5 popular brands to promote their respective products.

Do you feel the above mentioned Guerrilla Marketing strategies to be amazing? Sound off in the comments section below.