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OREO’s Latest Campaign Is Quirky!

OREO’s Latest Campaign Is Quirky!

Yesterday, by rolling out the quirky campaign ‘OREO Offering’, OREO was attempting to make contact with extraterrestrials and it required your help to do so.

As part of the bizarre campaign with the mission ‘BRINGING ALL LIFEFORMS TOGETHER’, OREO had put up a limited-time offer for you to get your hands on its chocolate sandwich cookies. All you had to do is to pay $3.00 for shipping and handling. No charge for the product.

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The instruction copy featured on the pack reads, “PLACE OREO COOKIE IN CENTER OF PACK WITHIN CLEAR VIEW OF THE SKY TO CREATE YOUR OWN #OREOOFFERING”. The offer begun yesterday morning and was publicized to last till June 10th or when promotional supplies are exhausted, whichever happens first. While I commenced writing this article, I could see that OREO is out of its Offering packs.

Featured image courtesy: Oreo