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Experiential Marketing Campaigns: Warner Bros. Pictures’s ‘IT’ vs 24AM STUDIOS’s ‘Velaikkaran’

Experiential Marketing Campaigns: Warner Bros. Pictures’s ‘IT’ vs 24AM STUDIOS’s ‘Velaikkaran’

Untitled collage
Experiential Marketing Campaigns: Warner Bros. Pictures’s ‘IT’ vs 24AM STUDIOS’s ‘Velaikkaran’

It’s been a while since I had written my last post in this blog. In fact, for a period of time, I wasn’t in touch with the changes that have been happening in the marketing sphere. Few days ago, when I had plunged again into one of my favorite parallel world (i.e. Marketing) to know the latest updates, I felt excited on knowing about a couple of movie marketing campaigns. One campaign being the ‘Neibolt House’ visit for public in Los Angeles, for the 2017 American supernatural horror flick, ‘IT’. Other being, the ‘Cooliekkara kuppam’ set visit for public in Chennai, for the 2017 Tamil social thriller movie, ‘Velaikkaran’. However, both the strategies could well be tagged to one topic i.e. Experiential Marketing.

Warner Bros. Pictures’s ‘Neibolt House’ visit for ‘IT’:

Warner Bros. Pictures’ in association with the out-of-home agency, ‘Grandesign’ created the ‘Neibolt House’ (inspired by a haunted house that appears in the movie, ‘IT’) in the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Vine St. in Los Angeles. The house was opened for public daily, from August 14th 2017 – September 10th 2017 from 11am – 11pm. The public visit was scheduled well ahead of the movie’s theatrical release as the film premiered on September 5th 2017. The haunted house visit seemed thoroughly immersive.

Warner Bros. Pictures’s ‘Neibolt House’ visit for ‘IT’
Neibolt House’ located in the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Vine St. in Los Angeles

Slum Set’ visit for ‘Velaikkaran’:

Following their captivating Content Marketing campaign for ‘Remo, ‘24AM STUDIOS’ have come up with the appealing ‘Cooliekkara kuppam’ set for ‘Velaikkaran’. The set was designed and erected by the movie’s art director T Muthuraj and team for the film. The set, located inside Prasad Labs at Vadapalani in Chennai, has been opened for public from December 30th 2017 to January 20th 2018 from 9am – 5pm. The public visit was scheduled after the theatrical release of ‘Velaikkaran’ as the movie released on December 22nd 2017.

Slum Set’ visit for ‘Velaikkaran’
Cooliekkara kuppam’ set located inside Prasad Labs at Vadapalani in Chennai

Campaigns offering opportunities for their target audience to experience their respective brands:

In both the campaigns, audiences were offered with opportunities to physically experience the demonstrations that were put up by the brands.

Branded hashtags, such as ‘#ThatsWhereITLives’ for ‘IT’ and ‘#VelaikkaranSetVisit’ for ‘Velaikkaran’, were created by the organizers and marketed in their respective social media posts prior to the visits and also were advertised in the sets.

Hashtag in tweet - IT Movie
#ThatsWhereITLives’ hashtag in the tweet from the official Twitter page of ‘IT Movie
Velaikkaran Set Visit hashtag
#VelaikkaranSetVisit’ hashtag incorporated to the image, posted in social media by ‘24AM STUDIOS’

Reminding attendees of the hashtag at the event had made it easier for them to share their experiences on social media.

Reminding visitors of the hashtag, ‘#ThatsWhereITLives‘ at ‘Neibolt House‘ in Los Angeles
Velaikkaran Set Visit hashtag 2
Reminding attendees of the hashtag, ‘#VelaikkaranSetVisit‘ in the ‘VELAIKKARAN – SIGNATURE WALL‘ at ‘Cooliekkara Kuppam‘ set in Chennai

Via these hashtags, the organizers have engaged (such as Retweets and Likes in ‘Twitter’ and Shares in ‘Facebook’) well with their audience.

The slum set visit was made live in Facebook and Twitter in order to engage the people who couldn’t attend. As a follow-up to the ‘live’ activities, few of the attendees were allowed to talk about the sets. These were captured as videos and were shared in social media. As the brands connected well with the audience, prior to the set visit, in social media, there were deeper engagements at the event.

Click the link to know on what the audience have got to say about their ‘Neibolt House‘ set visit!

Even few from among the cast and crew of both the movies paid a visit to the respective sets. Photos and videos of the same were shared in social media.

Cast and crew visit - 'IT'
IT‘ Director Andrés Muschietti with the cast at ‘Neibolt House‘ in Los Angeles
Cast and crew visit - 'Velaikkaran'
Velaikkaran‘ star Sivakarthikeyan with a fan at ‘Cooliekkara Kuppam‘ set in Chennai

Click the link to view the visit of few from among the cast and crew of ‘Velaikkaran‘ to the set!

Providing online platforms and encouraging the audiences to go through an immersive experience:

In addition to offering an opportunity to experience the sets in a tangible, offline way, ‘Warner Bros. Pictures’ and ‘24AM STDUDIOS’ have also provided online platforms to the audience to go through an immersive experience of their products via the marketing tools, VR (Virtual Reality) and 360° videos respectively. ‘Warner Bros. Pictures’ has released a video titled, ‘IT: FLOAT – A Cinematic VR Experience’ and ‘24AM STUDIOS’ has released a video titled, ‘Velaikkaran Set Making 360° Video’ in their respective official YouTube channels. In the former video, one gets to experience the world of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Whereas, in the latter, the viewer can avail the opportunity to visit the ‘Cooliekkara Kuppam’ set virtually and at the same time, listen to art director T Muthuraj sharing his moments that had transpired during the time of set’s design and construction.

Click here to watch the video, ‘IT: FLOAT – A Cinematic VR Experience’ and here to watch the ‘Velaikkaran Set Making 360° Video’!

A cursory view at the experiential tactics of both the organizers exhibits the manner in which they have effectively leveraged both the online and offline spaces for the purpose of marketing. Apart from people obtaining awareness about the uniqueness of these brands and the box office prospects of the movies getting boosted, these campaigns have rendered memorable moments for the audience to cherish.

So, that’s it with my blog post about the Experiential Marketing Campaigns of ‘Warner Bros. Pictures’ and ‘24AM STUDIOS’ for ‘IT’ and ‘Velaikkaran’ respectively. Now, let me know your viewpoints about my article in the comments section!

Emoji Marketing: 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands

Emoji Marketing: 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands

Emoji Marketing 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands
Emoji Marketing: 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands

Taking a look at the history of emojis, and its evolution over the years since its inception, makes me feel awe over the monumental growth of the digital language. I feel that the uncomplicated nature of the emojis has been the primary reason for them to attain the status on what they are today. As people have been using the emojis in their day-to-day digital communications, brands have been pushed to leverage the icons effectively in such a way that their efforts benefit their products. By having a look at the usage of standard emojis (Unlike the custom emojis of films like Wonder Woman, War for the Planet of the Apes or Transformers: The Last Knight) by various brands across the social media circle, I have picked 5.

Now, let us begin our count down.

5) IMDb

After the release of the ‘IT’ trailer, the fans of ‘IT’, and probably those of the horror movies, would be mentally inclined towards the ‘horror’ factor. To capitalize on this aspect and engage the audience, IMDb offered a chance, via a tweet/post from their official Twitter/Facebook account, to its audience to comment their favourite scary movie in emojis.

IMDb Twitter
IMDb’s tweet to engage its audience
IMDb Twitter replies
Audience’s replies to IMDb’s tweet
IMDb Facebook
IMDb’s post to engage its audience
IMDb Facebook comments
Audience’s comments to IMDb’s post

4) Target

Via creative means, Target had wished for the World Emoji Day 2017 from their official social media accounts, by recalling one of its significant occasions. Utilizing standard emojis like ‘Hot beverage’, ‘Dress’, ‘Womans hat’, ‘Womans sandal’, ‘Chocolate bar’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Handbag’, ‘Nail polish’, ‘Notebook with decorative cover’, ‘Smiling face with open mouth’ and ‘Chequered flag’, Target had made a representation which they titled as ‘Classic Target Run’.

Target Twitter
Target’s ‘Classic #TargetRun‘ tweet


Target Facebook
Target’s ‘Classic #TargetRun‘ post


In addition to promoting its movies using conventional approaches, 24AM STUDIOS – the makers of Sivakarthikeyan’s 2016 Tamil romantic comedy, ‘Remo’ – has been engaging with its audience in the social media circle via innovative means. On the Seventeenth of the July, the production house had embraced the World Emoji Day by coming up with an engaging tweet that was intertwined with the aspects of Remo. In the tweet, the followers of the twitter account of 24AM STUDIOS, were provided with four standard emojis such as ‘Information desk person’, ‘Syringe’, ‘Dancer(medium light skin tone)’ and ‘Older man (light skin tone)’, which symbolically referred to four among the different makeovers of Sivakarthikeyan in ‘Remo’ and were offered a chance to comment their favourite emoji. This activity was done in Facebook as well.

24AM STUDIOS Twitter
24AM STUDIOS’s tweet to engage with its audience
24AM STUDIOS Twitter replies
Audience’s replies to 24AM STUDIOS’s tweet
24AM STUDIOS Facebook
24AM STUDIOS’s post to engage with its audience
24AM STUDIOS Facebook comments
Audience’s replies to 24AM STUDIOS’s post

2) Rotten Tomatoes

In the case of the Twitter account of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, the standard ‘Tomato’ emoji is utilized after the hashtag, ‘#Tomatometer’ in most of the tweets that contain the movie’s Tomatometer score or rating.

Rotten Tomatoes Twitter
Rotten Tomatoes’s tweet with the Tomatometer rating for the movie, ‘Atomic Blonde

In the case of the Facebook page of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, the standard ‘Tomato’ emoji is utilized at end of most of the posts that inform the movie’s ‘Certified Fresh’ status.

Rotten Tomatoes Facebook
Rotten Tomatoes’s post announcing the ‘Certified Fresh‘ status for the movie, ‘Dunkirk

1) IT

In the official teaser and trailer of the film, the clip of the movie released in the MTV Awards, the Fan Art Contest conducted by the makers and the other promotional activities of ‘IT’, the red balloon has gained a prominence. This prominence has extended to the social media accounts of ‘IT’ as well, where the name of the movie’s Twitter account possesses the ‘Balloon’ emoji that already exists in Twitter. Occasionally, the tweets/posts of the movie’s Twitter/Facebook account possess the ‘Balloon’ emoji. It appears as if the ‘Balloon’ emoji is tailor-made for the social media accounts of ‘IT’.

IT Movie Twitter Profile Name
Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji in the Twitter profile name of the movie, ‘IT’
IT Movie Tweet
Tweet from ‘IT Movie‘ containing the Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji
IT Movie Tweet from Entertainment Weekly
Tweet from ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ containing the Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji
IT Movie Facebook Post
Post from ‘IT Movie‘ containing the Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji

What are your favourite emoji marketing picks? Share with me in the comments section!

Content Marketing Strategies: Coca-cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ vs ‘Cupid’ standee of ‘Remo’

Content Marketing Strategies: Coca-cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ vs ‘Cupid’ standee of ‘Remo’

Untitled collage (2)
Content Marketing Strategies:  Coca-Cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ Vs ‘Cupid’ standee of ‘Remo’

Recently, I read an article titled, 8 (More) Absolutely Brilliant Content Marketing Innovations From the World’s Best Brands written by Neil Patel in the site, contentmarketinginstitute.com. There is a section in this write-up that briefs about Coca-Cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ campaign. After reading the section, I remembered a similar Content Marketing campaign (though without an unique name for it) deployed by 24AM Studios, the producer of the Sivakarthikeyan – Keerthy Suresh starrer, 2016 Tamil romantic comedy movie, ‘Remo’. Both the strategies could well be suggested as ideal case studies of successful Content Marketing Innovations as both had illustrated the concept of personalization of contents that resonated well with their respective target audience. In this article, let us have a look at both the strategies to know how they went on to become successful by adding considerable values to their respective products.

Coca-Cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ campaign converting the brand’s customers into its promoters:

Coca-Cola’s one of the most successful marketing campaigns, ‘Share-a-Coke’, which has been launched in more than 70 countries till date, was first introduced in Australia in 2011. In this campaign, Coca-Cola had printed the most popular names of individuals in its Coke cans and bottles by replacing its famous logo. As a follow-up to this, customers were offered with the opportunity to purchase customized Coke cans and bottles featuring the names those they wished to see on the products.

'Share-a-Coke- collage
Customized Coke Cans

All these efforts of Coca-Cola did pay rich dividends to the brand as the people felt emotionally touched and excited on seeing their names or the names of their beloved ones in the products of a popular brand like Coca-Cola, took pictures of them with the customized cans and bottles and shared the photos in their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Picture of a lady with the customized Coke bottle

In this way, the people had acted as influencers of the ‘Coca-Cola’ brand and made the marketing campaign, ‘Share-a-Coke’, one among the successful ones of all time.

24AM Studios’s ‘Cupid Standees’ campaign converting Remo’s target audiences into its promoters:

Along the lines of Coca-Cola’s ‘Share-a-Coke’ campaign, in 2016, 24AM Studios came up with an interesting Content Marketing strategy by personalizing their content. In this strategy, the crux of the movie’s story line and its promotional tactics were cleverly intertwined.

A guy falls in love with a girl, at first sight

The above line has been an age-old formula as far as the movies that deal with romance are concerned. The kick-starter in the story of Remo too, is this formula. But, in order to make this not-so-interesting sequence look eye-catching, the director introduces a fictional cum animated character called Cupid in the movie. By deftly bringing the character into the picture, the director makes the audience forget the fact that the scene is based around an old-fashioned idea.

maxresdefault (1)
Cupid featured in the movie, ‘Remo’

The utilization of Cupid wasn’t confined to the movie alone. Around the movie’s release time, standees of Cupid were placed in the movie theaters where Remo was about to be screened. Standees were also placed in shopping malls. In other words, the standees were placed in locations where they could garner the attention of the audience towards the movie. The aura rendered by Cupid in the movie was recreated by the Cupid standees that were placed across various cine halls and shopping malls. Yes… the people got attracted by the Cupid standees and felt excited to the extent of taking selfies (current day’s crazy deed) with them. They were not only influenced by this marketing strategy but also played the role of influencers by posting the snapshots in their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The campaign, as its contribution to the pretty decent acceptability of the movie by the audience, would have driven a considerable number of people to throng the theaters those that screened ‘Remo’ then.

Oscar & BAFTA winning and Remo’s Sound Mixer/Designer, Resul Pookutty taking selfie with   the Cupid standee

Despite the results of both the strategies possessing striking similarities, Coca-Cola’s campaign was carried out across multiple nations whereas the Cupid promotion unleashed by 24AM Studios was limited to a specific region in India. Though the products, Coca-Cola and Remo had various other interesting factors to garner the attention of the audience and ensure a good reach among them, the campaigns had actually widened the attention towards the products from their natural scope and subsequently yielded a significant reach to their brands.

So, that’s it with my blog post about the Content Marketing lessons that one could learn from Coca-Cola’s ‘Share-a’Coke’ campaign and 24AM Studios’s innovative Content Marketing strategy for Remo. Now, you get to know the similarities in the way in which the brands, Coca-Cola and 24AM Studios had personalized their contents that resonated well with their respective target audience. Let me know your opinions on the write-up in the comments section!