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How high-profile Political Campaigns across the world have effectively utilized Augmented Reality!

How high-profile Political Campaigns across the world have effectively utilized Augmented Reality!

Along the lines of promotional strategies for any brand or service, political campaigns have also been designed in an innovative and interesting manner. The inclusion of technologies to the strategies makes them appear even more appealing. Here’s a note of such high-profile political campaigns, across the world, which have effectively utilized Augmented Reality:

1. ‘blippAR App’ for Barack Obama in 2012:

Barack Obama
Barack Obama

In 2012, to support the Barack Obama’s election campaign, Blippar and BMGi created the “We got your back, Obama” blipp, compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices.

After opening the ‘blippAR’ app and hovering the phone over either a five-dollar bill or the Obama campaign logo, contents set to offer an interactive Augmented Reality experience with Obama campaign were unlocked. In the app, the users were allowed to donate funds to the campaign, listen to the Obama campaign track and create photos, with high-fiving Obama, to share on social networks.

Barack Obama went on to win the election which made him the first Democratic president since Franklin D Roosevelt to win the majority of the popular vote twice.

Click here to watch the demo of the “We got your back, Obama” blipp.

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2. ‘Merkel app’ for Angela Merkel in 2013:

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

On the eve of the German election 2013, as part of the political campaigns of the present German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party, ‘Christian Democratic Union’, an Augmented Reality mobile app named, ‘Merkel app’ was launched.

As part of this strategy of leveraging Augmented Reality, billboards with the portrait of Angela Merkel – wearing her trademark red suit – were placed in public places. When a mobile phone, having the app opened, was pointed at the portrait, the camera recognized her face and Angela Merkel appeared in the app saying, “Germany is doing well but we cannot take this for granted. I want us to be successful in the future together

In this election of 2013, Angela Merkel had secured a historic third win and continued to be the Chancellor of Germany.

Click here to have a look at the demo of the ‘Merkel app‘.

Here ends my post on the effective utilization of Augmented Reality by high-profile political campaigns. If you come across to know of any such high-profile political campaign – from a trusted source – then please feel free to share the details in the comments to grow the above list longer.