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Testing 280 characters in Twitter: A Conducive Approach

Testing 280 characters in Twitter: A Conducive Approach

A Conducive method in the 280 character limit test
Testing 280 characters in Twitter: A Conducive Approach

I read the article titled, ‘Testing 280 characters: Because the trademark brevity of tweets has also proved a liability’ that has been published in the ‘TOI Editorials’ section of the daily, ‘The Times of India’. I agree with the bottom line of the write-up i.e. welcoming the increase in the character count of tweets. At the same time, I feel that the Twitter’s approach in bringing this change could have been different.

For the purpose of testing, instead of doubling the character count of tweets at one go and seeding the change to only selected user accounts, Twitter could have followed an incremental approach by involving all its users. For example, consider the approach wherein at first, the character limit of tweets is increased from ‘140’ to ‘160’ and the change is delivered to every Twitter user for utilization. After studying the response of the Twitter users — with respect to the update — for a period of over three months, the character count of tweets is increased further by ‘20’ and the update is made available to the user immediately. In this process, every round of increment is done based on the necessity that is obtained out of the observation over the response of the users for the previous increment.

The reason behind the approach of increasing the number by ‘20’, in every increment, is to gradually make most of the twitterati to come out of their ‘emotional connect’ with the current character limit. As far as the factor of ‘months’ is concerned, the intention is purely to offer a duration for the users to settle with a change. Also, within the stipulated time interval between the two increments, people managing the Twitter accounts of organizations, institutions and other businesses will find enough time to come up with a plan, execute their formula and gain insights about the various aspects of the update with respect to their work.

And here ends my thought regarding the alternative approach that could have been deployed in increasing the character count of tweets in Twitter. Now, let me know your opinion about my article in the comments section!


Feel like Procrastinating? Try out these 2 Quick Tips!

Feel like Procrastinating? Try out these 2 Quick Tips!

Untitled design
Feel like Procrastinating? Try out these 2 Quick Tips!

when ur heart says you should meet someone, don’t delay. i always wanted to meet Kalam saab and i should have made the effort . my loss .

After the demise of the renowned aerospace engineer and the former President of India (2002-2007), Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, the above words were shared in Twitter, by the Bollywood Star Salman Khan. Salman’s tweet not just exhibits the respect that he has over the India’s ‘Missile Man’ but also explicitly stresses the elimination of an undesirable feature (i.e. Procrastination) from an individual, once and for all.

Several attributes of various individuals have been determining the outcomes of their respective actions. Wherein, procrastination has been one among the primary features, which have been inflicting a negative impact over the results of their efforts.

So, what generally makes people to procrastinate? There are a lot of reasons that come to my mind, for example:

  • Lack of self-control
  • Task aversiveness

Consider the scenario where a person procrastinates by postponing the early morning workout to evening. But what if the person gets stuck in a work in the evening or feels exhausted after a hectic day? In this scenario, isn’t the person losing a day’s exercise just because of the lack of self-control?

Rebecca Olsen’s thought about self-controlled decisions:

In this regard, I came across an idea that has been proposed by Rebecca Olsen, a PhD student from the Victoria University of Wellington. Rebecca, who has been researching on how to help people be more self-controlled and focus on long-term gain rather than immediate rewards, says:

The act of imagining personal, future events have shown to help people make more self-controlled decisions. This means vividly imagining an event that will happen when you have achieved the long-term goal you’re working towards.

Even though Rebecca’s research is underway, her thought about self-controlled decisions seems to be handy.

Dr. Tim Pychyl’s recommendation to overcome task aversiveness:

As far as the case of task aversiveness is concerned, Dr. Tim Pychyl, a procrastination researcher at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, has recommended a different approach. Now, consider this situation in your workplace where you have been expected to complete a task within a particular time that has been stipulated by someone else. But, you sense that the stipulated time is practically not enough to accomplish the work and also there is no room for the time to be reversed. In this situation, you feel the task to be averse and tend to procrastinate it.

This is where you find the recommendation of Dr. Tim Pychyl to be useful. He suggests one to break down the attributes of an aversive task and work out on the attributes that require a change in the approach of their execution in order to make the task desirable.

From now on, if you feel like you’re procrastinating, just try out the suggestions that have been stated above and feel the difference! Sound off in the comments about any other method to eliminate procrastination, which you would like to share!

Utilization of Cutting Edge Technologies for Marketing in Indian Film Industry

Utilization of Cutting Edge Technologies for Marketing in Indian Film Industry

Mersal Vijay
Utilization of Cutting Edge Technologies for Marketing in Indian Film Industry

Of late, I have observed several instances where the Indian Film Producers have showcased their immense interests in optimizing cutting edge technologies to promote their movies. There are few notable ones from among such instances. To start with, let me brief about the utilizations of cutting edge technologies for the marketing of movies such as ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’, ‘2.0’, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ (aka JHMS) and ‘Mersal’.

Still featuring Prabhas from ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion

In the case of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’, the film’s maker, ‘Arka Media Works’ had utilized the Facebook Messenger Chatbot service to conduct an interactive quiz and share information on subscription to it; released a VR (Virtual Reality) video that guided the viewers through a virtual tour on the sets of Baahubali; live streamed the Baahubali pre-release event in 360° on the movie’s official YouTube channel; released a teaser of the 10-min VR film, ‘The Sword Of Destiny’ that is based on the characters from Baahubali.

To know more on the Digital Marketing strategies of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ by ‘Arka Media Works’, click here!

To make the first look launch of ‘2.0’ (Sequel to the 2010 movie, ‘Endhiran’) unique and special, the film’s producer, ‘Lyca Productions’ had leveraged AR (Augmented Reality) by setting up a virtual conversation between the image of Chitti (character played by Rajinikanth in ‘Endhiran’) – that was incorporated to the screen that was placed over the stage – and the film maker, Karan Johar (host of the first look launch event).

An infographic on the Promotional Strategies of ‘2.0′:

Promotional Strategies for ‘2.0’ seem to serve as perfect preludes to the movie!

To know more about the promotional strategies for ‘2.0’, click here!

JHMS promotional event
Shah Rukh Khan and Anushkha Sharma from a promotional event for ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal

To promote the Shah Rukh Khan-Anushkha Sharma starrer ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, the movie’s producer, ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ had launched an interactive Chatbot service in Facebook Messenger, which offered a lot more immersive experience than that of the one that was utilized for ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’. The Chatbot was designed in such a way that the people can get to interact with the character, ‘Harry’ played by Shah Rukh Khan in the movie. In the chat, the characters of the movie were introduced, an overview about the relationship between them was let known, the crux of the film was highlighted and the options to access Mini Trails (series of promo clips of the movie) and video songs were made available. Also using the Chatbot, people were able to create customized Jab Harry Met Sejal posters and access web ticket booking and film review links.

To know more about the Digital Marketing efforts of ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ for ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, click here!

Still featuring Vijay from ‘Mersal

Along the lines of the efforts of ‘Arka Media Works’ for ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’, ‘Lyca Productions’ for ‘2.0’ and ‘Red Chillies Entertainment’ for ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, ‘Sri Thenandal Films’ aka ‘TSL’ have been pushing the envelope with Digital Marketing for their 100th venture, ‘Mersal’. The movie also marks the 25th year, for the Oscar Winning Music Composer, A.R.Rahman and the South Indian Star, Vijay, in the Indian Film Industry. The marketing for ‘Mersal’, which is gearing up for a release on October 18th 2017, has been proceeding in full swing. Similar to ‘Baahubali 2’ and ‘JHMS’, for ‘Mersal’ as well, ‘TSL’ has launched an interactive Chatbot in Facebook Messenger to create customized ‘Mersal’ posters.

In the case of ‘JHMS’, we had a look at how an interactive Facebook Messenger Chatbot could be utilized to access contents, that are relevant to the movie, from one place. But, there is a visual discovery app of the London based firm ‘blippAR’, which I came across recently, that could also be utilized to access the contents of the movie from one place in an even more interesting manner. The ‘blippAR’ app operates using Augmented Reality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to bring the physical world to life through smartphones and wearables. As far as the Indian Film industry is concerned, ‘blippAR’ has already created a blipp for the Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Bhoothnath Returns’. Using the ‘Bhoothnath Returns’ blipp, one could access the movie’s video songs, making videos, Juke Box, web ticket booking links and an option to click photos using camera effects that have been customized for the movie.

Now in 2017, as mentioned earlier, Indian Film Producers are leveraging the digital channels in a much more effective manner, than they were in the days of ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, to promote their movies. In the matter of ‘Mersal’, as of now, contents such as HD stills, lyric videos of songs, exclusive interview of the film’s producer, audio launch videos and audio CDs have been officially released. In the forthcoming days, teasers, trailers, song promo videos and full song HD videos will also be released and once when advanced ticket booking for ‘Mersal’ commences, web ticket booking links will also be available. Isn’t it a cool approach to have the contents pertaining to ‘Mersal’ as mentioned above to be packed into a blipp of the ‘blippAR’ app! Similar to the ‘Photo’ feature in the blipp of ‘Bhoothnath Returns’, a customized camera effect, featuring Vijay of ‘Mersal’, has the potential to go down with the fans of the star. Suppose if ‘TSL’ is in a plan to launch a ‘Mersal’ themed mobile video game then that as well could be incorporated to the blipp.

Prior to the theatrical release of the 2013 Tamil rom-com, ‘Raja Rani’ the movie’s primary characters were introduced one-by-one in a cine supplement of a daily newspaper. In 2017, prior to the release of the Tamil action thriller, ‘Vikram Vedha’, the introduction scenes of Vedha (played by Actor Vijay Sethupathy) and Vikram (played by Actor Madhavan) were released in the official YouTube channel of the film’s producer. Imagine the promotional tactics as said above in the case of ‘Raja Rani’ and ‘Vikram Vedha’ being incorporated to an Augmented Reality app such as ‘blippAR’! Isn’t the idea sounding effective, with respect to marketing, to the film producers and adding value to the film audience!

With all being said and done with respect to the utilization of cutting edge technologies for marketing in Indian Film Industry, all what a marketing cum movie buff like me has to do is to wait and watch for the Indian movie martech to evolve!

3 ways to effectively promote Movies with AR

3 ways to effectively promote Movies with AR

3 ways to effectively promote Movies with AR
3 ways to effectively promote Movies with AR

In addition to their efforts in moviemaking, the film production houses have also been putting in ample efforts to make their movies reach their target audience. With technology growing day by day, there seem to be plentiful options available for the production houses to promote their movies. Augmented reality has been one among those technologies. Here are 3 ways in which the movies could be effectively promoted with augmented reality, by the film production houses…

1. Interactive film posters:

Disney in association with blippAR had come up with a blipp for the 2014 summer blockbuster, ‘Guardians of the Galazy’. When the ‘blippAR’ app is opened and blipped at the film’s interactive poster, the following contents get unlocked

Options to…

  • get to know the individual characters from the movie and their backstories
  • watch the behind-the-scenes footages
  • enjoy the movie trailer
  • buy the DVD or Blu-ray of the movie from e-Commerce sites when they are released

The interactive posters could be officially shared in social media and also be placed in cine halls, multiplexes and in places where the public might engage with the posters.

Scan the first picture that is available in the below web link using the ‘blippAR’ app to unlock exclusive contents pertaining to the movie, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘!

2. Themed mobile games:

By partnering with blippAR, General Mills had launched a Spider-Man game to promote the release of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. By blipping the ‘blippAR’ app over the covers or posters of various products of General Mills such as Chex Mix and Fruit Snacks, people were able to access the game.

Along the lines of the above mentioned strategy of General Mills, Campbell’s Soup too had come up a Spider-Man themed mobile game by partnering with blippAR.

Scan the first picture that is available in the below web link using the ‘blippAR’ app to play the Spider-Man themed mobile game!

3. Interactive murals:

To promote Legion (an American cable television series produced by FX productions in association with Marvel Television), 5 augmented reality murals were placed in 5 locations such as Brooklyn, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. By blipping the ‘blippAR’ app over the murals, the following contents get unlocked

Options to…

  • watch the trailer
  • access gifs, videos and pictures
  • participate in an interactive quiz
  • click photos with a customized camera effect

The above contents could as well be accessed by blipping the ‘blippAR’ app over the limited edition augmented reality posters available in few select local comic book stores.

Following suit the above ways, the below mentioned options could as well be incorporated as the contents that could be unlocked in an augmented reality app

Options to…

  1. access exclusive interviews of the movie’s cast and crew
  2. get to know the cinema timetables
  3. get access to cinema ticket booking web-links

Scan the first picture that is available in the below web link using the ‘blippAR’ app to unlock exclusive contents pertaining to the television series, ‘Legion‘!

Hope you liked reading the article! Now, let me know your opinions on the article, and on how the augmented reality technology could be leveraged by the film production houses for promoting their movies, in the comments!


5 Marketing Lessons from Sarahah

5 Marketing Lessons from Sarahah

5 Marketing Lessons from Sarahah

With ‘Sarahah’ – a self-development tool that allows people to receive constructive feedback – being in news for various reasons, I decided to write this article to jot down my learning, pertaining to Marketing, from the journey of Sarahah. Let us have a look at my learning (which I claim as ‘Marketing Lessons’):

5. Manage the controversies around the product:

Despite Zainab letting people know the actual intentions behind the ‘Sarahah’ app, as far as my knowledge is concerned, the constructive utilization of the app has been very minimal. With respect to the same argument, the app has been in news for wrong reasons such as cyber bullying for quite some time. Also, rumours were rife that the makers of Sarahah were planning to expose the identities of the senders on August 1, 2017. But, the people behind Sarahah were prepared to manage the controversies circling the app.

In order to thwart cyber bullying, facility to block senders has been incorporated to the app. From Sarahah’s official Twitter account, it was clarified that the rumours regarding the plan to expose the senders’ identities are fake.

4. Leverage influencers:

In the fall of 2016, Zainab Alabdin Tawfiq had launched the website, Sarahah and shared it within his group of friends, expecting 1000 messages to be shared in the site. But, by the end of 2016, only a couple of hundred messages were shared. So, Zainab decided to share the application with his friend whom he considered to be a major influencer. After sharing Sarahah with his influencer friend, the reach of the website became manifold. Post the sharing, the application spread across other Arabian countries too.

Hence, it was the utilization of an influencer by Zainab that brought in a sea change in the Sarahah’s outreach.

3. Optimize the product for mobile platforms:

Following Sarahah’s outreach in Arab countries, Zainab had decided to create a mobile app for Sarahah. By hiring a third-party company, Zainab had created the mobile app and launched the same in the App Store on June 13, 2017. For the first time, Sarahah was available in English when it went live in the App Store. With its availability in the App Store in English, Sarahah went on to garner the people’s attention from Western Countries as well. The app has been made available for download from Google’s Play Store as well.

Zainab’s efforts to optimize his product for mobile platforms, such as to create an app version of Sarahah; cater the app to the universal audience by making it available in English; choosing the channel, App Store to distribute the app, have paid dividends to him.

2. Make a ‘Simple to use’ product:

As far as the ‘Sarahah’ application is concerned, you get to see minimal features in it and the navigation within the app tends to be uncomplicated. In order to use an application of this sort, one doesn’t necessarily be a tech-savvy. Also, for a person to send a message to a Sarahah user, it is not necessary for the sender to get the app installed.

All the above mentioned factors pertaining to the ‘Sarahah’ application have made it to be a ‘Simple to use’ product.

1. Incorporate a feature to your product that resonates with its target audience:

Be it in the workplace or family or friends, there have always been barriers (due to various factors) that have been preventing people from speaking openly. Under such prevailing circumstances, think of people getting a platform to share their opinion to the person they wish to and yet not reveal their identity. Wouldn’t such people feel excited or relieved with an opportunity of this kind? This is the point where Sarahah has been striking a chord with the people. It is the app’s ‘anonymous messaging’ feature that has been resonating well with its target audience.

What are your Marketing Lessons from Sarahah? Let me know in the comments below!


Life Lessons from Gregor Johann Mendel, the ‘Father of Modern Genetics’

Life Lessons from Gregor Johann Mendel, the ‘Father of Modern Genetics’

Life Lessons from Gregor Johann Mendel the Father of Modern Genetics - Design 2
Life Lessons from Gregor Johann Mendel, the ‘Father of Modern Genetics’

This post originally appeared on the blog, SOCIETAL INSIGHT.

Whenever people, on an extensive scale, discuss deeply or even initiate and engage in propaganda to promote the contributions or ideals of certain personalities in some sort of public platforms, I automatically get these thoughts: Why, all of a sudden, are most people talking about a personality who long back had passed away? Why weren’t the contributions or ideals celebrated as they are being now than when the respective individuals were alive? What kinds of circumstances are making most people hand-pick such persons, regard them in high esteem, debate their works and eventually term them to be momentous?

Of late, by chance, I revisited the news of exposition of Gregor Johann Mendel’s paper on genetics, ‘Experiments on plant hybridization’, which many of us would still be remembering of having a brief outlook, on this greatest path-breaking experiment, in our school studies. For me, by then in my schooldays, the chapters comprising Mendel’s works in my Botany book were a piece of information meant for knowledge acquisition and of course, to effectively reproduce my comprehensions in the examinations. But now with my view, which I have garnered reading the societies’ behavior in recognizing the contributions or discoveries of individuals, it appears apparently to me that rather than primarily focusing on one’s deeds with an intention of receiving instant recognition, one’s active and an honest participation in one’s own passion is what that counts a lot.

If not Mendel’s passionate pull towards his experimentation, amidst his pastoral duties in church, related to plant hybridization then there wouldn’t have been presentations about his findings as a paper, ‘Experiments on plant hybridization’ at two meetings of the Natural History Society of Brno in Moravia in 1865. As an immediate follow-up to the presentation, despite the recognition being minimal, reports in local newspapers showcased his discovery. Thereby, in 1990, independent rediscoveries of Mendel’s works on genetics by Erich Von TschermakHugo de VriesCarl Correns and William Jasper Spillman conceded Mendel’s priority. At a later time, the scientific fraternity went on to claim Mendel as the ‘Father of Modern Genetics’. These historical events clearly suggest that Gregor Johann Mendel was indeed phenomenal in ensuring a breakthrough in his topmost priority i.e. his work related to genetics and keeping secondary the process of promoting his research which was not noticed significantly then. Likewise, one’s passion should be fed by providing well defined results driven by an uncompromising effort by the corresponding person. If not an instant recognition, there are high chances for the outcome to gain prominence when a need arises for the value of the content at some point of time, in future.

‘Sri Thenandal Films’ pushes the envelope with Digital Marketing for ‘Mersal’

‘Sri Thenandal Films’ pushes the envelope with Digital Marketing for ‘Mersal’

'Mersal' Vijay
‘Sri Thenandal Films’ pushes the envelope with Digital Marketing for ‘Mersal’

It’s always been interesting to watch film production houses leveraging the digital space to offer a personalized experience to their target audience. With their 100th movie ‘Mersal’, in pipeline for a grand audio launch on 20th of August, Sri Thenandal Films aka TSL (makers of ‘Mersal’) have come up with a unique and interesting promotional strategy for the movie.

A chatbot to create personalized movie posters:

Along the lines of utilization of interactive chatbots for movies such as ‘Kaabil’, ‘M.S.Dhoni’, ‘Jolly LLB 2’, ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’, ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ and ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’, TSL has introduced a chatbot for ‘Mersal’ using which their audience could create personalized Mersal posters. Sri Thenandal Films, in association with ICONICbot (a tech start-up cofounded by the Indian film actress cum producer, Vishaka Singh and ex-IBMer, Sandesh B Suvarna), has launched the chatbot that could be accessed by messaging in the official Facebook page of Sri Thenandal Films or on its messenger.

Target audience rejoicing the outcome of the strategy:

With Vijay – an iconic Indian actor who enjoys a huge fan base – on board for ‘Mersal’ and the movie being TSL’s 100th movie, what better circumstance than this could get TSL to implement the AI technology! As expected, the fans seem to love the outcome of this strategy a lot. In the social media accounts of TSL, the information regarding the chatbot was shared with the hashtag, ‘#MyMersalPoster’. Following suit, the fans have been sharing their customized Mersal posters under the same hashtag.

Complementary factors of the strategy:

The chatbot’s launch date i.e. 15th of August sounds ideal as the corresponding day is a pan-India holiday. Also, the regional movie influencers have propagated the news, about the chatbot launch, to their respective followers.

Chatbots of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ and ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ VS Chatbot of ‘Mersal’:

Unlike the predominant feature of the chatbot of ‘Baahubali 2: The Conclusion’ that offered the people an opportunity to take part in an interactive quiz and that of the one for ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ that offered the audience to indulge in an immersive chat experience, the chatbot of ‘Mersal’ has been restricted with the creation of Mersal posters as of now. We have to wait to know from the makers regarding the inclusion of new features to the ‘Mersal’ chatbot.

So, that’s it with the write-up on the Digital Marketing Strategy of Sri Thenandal Films for ‘Mersal’. Hope you liked reading the article! Let me know your opinion in the comments section!


4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace

4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace

Personal Branding Article - 4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace
4 Ways to Market Yourself in Workplace

Do you feel that you don’t get enough recognition in your workplace in spite of doing your tasks? You need not feel dejected anymore. I have jotted down 4 ways that could help you to earn the recognition in your workplace that you have been craving for. Let us have a look at them.

1) Project yourself to your superior:

Firstly, in your workplace, you must try to effectively accomplish the tasks that have been assigned to you. Then, at the right time, proactively let your superior know that you have successfully completed the tasks. Also, when you face any obstacles – which you feel are beyond your control -, that hinder you to complete your work successfully, convey your superior about the same in advance. This will help the superior to come up with solutions that could address your concerns.


By projecting yourself to your superior, you make him/her feel that entrusting you with a work ensures a positive result. Also, you make an impression that you express yourself well in adverse circumstances.

2) Grab the opportunities:

You should always be aware of the happenings in your workplace. While being so, when you feel that a scenario requires a handsome contribution from an individual and that individual could be you, without a second thought, try to work out on a plan that could guide you to contribute to the scenario. In this process, ensure that your actual tasks don’t get affected. Most importantly, have a word with your superior regarding your plan.


You implicitly convey to your superior that you are interested in taking additional responsibilities. This attitude of yours counts a lot when you move up in your career ladder.

3) Create opportunities:

It is not always you get scenarios where you could contribute your efforts. Sometimes you have to create opportunities that could set the platform for you to showcase your abilities. When you are successfully done with your actual tasks, think of the areas related to your work where you could add values by means of the skills that you are naturally inclined to. For example, if you are interested in public speaking then arrange for a session whose main theme could be fun, motivation, education etc.,


As a result of creating opportunities and executing them, you will earn a good impression from your superior and the people above your superior. Your skills will also get projected to various people across your workplace.

4) Ease off the workload of your superior:

It is not always your superior will explicitly ask for your help in easing off his/her work pressure. When you have accomplished your tasks and you feel that your superior needs a help in executing his tasks then let him your help. For you to think this way, you need to have a bigger picture of the processes that are happening in your workplace.


By easing off the workload of your superior, you sort of create a personal bond with him/her. As far as the workplace activities are concerned, the personal bond enhances the mutual understanding between you and your superior.

Hope my 4 ways and their takeaways gave you the much needed heads up for your concern. Now, try applying these 4 ways in your workplace and enjoy the benefits that they offer.


Emoji Marketing: 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands

Emoji Marketing: 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands

Emoji Marketing 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands
Emoji Marketing: 5 Smart Examples from Famous Brands

Taking a look at the history of emojis, and its evolution over the years since its inception, makes me feel awe over the monumental growth of the digital language. I feel that the uncomplicated nature of the emojis has been the primary reason for them to attain the status on what they are today. As people have been using the emojis in their day-to-day digital communications, brands have been pushed to leverage the icons effectively in such a way that their efforts benefit their products. By having a look at the usage of standard emojis (Unlike the custom emojis of films like Wonder Woman, War for the Planet of the Apes or Transformers: The Last Knight) by various brands across the social media circle, I have picked 5.

Now, let us begin our count down.

5) IMDb

After the release of the ‘IT’ trailer, the fans of ‘IT’, and probably those of the horror movies, would be mentally inclined towards the ‘horror’ factor. To capitalize on this aspect and engage the audience, IMDb offered a chance, via a tweet/post from their official Twitter/Facebook account, to its audience to comment their favourite scary movie in emojis.

IMDb Twitter
IMDb’s tweet to engage its audience
IMDb Twitter replies
Audience’s replies to IMDb’s tweet
IMDb Facebook
IMDb’s post to engage its audience
IMDb Facebook comments
Audience’s comments to IMDb’s post

4) Target

Via creative means, Target had wished for the World Emoji Day 2017 from their official social media accounts, by recalling one of its significant occasions. Utilizing standard emojis like ‘Hot beverage’, ‘Dress’, ‘Womans hat’, ‘Womans sandal’, ‘Chocolate bar’, ‘Strawberry’, ‘Handbag’, ‘Nail polish’, ‘Notebook with decorative cover’, ‘Smiling face with open mouth’ and ‘Chequered flag’, Target had made a representation which they titled as ‘Classic Target Run’.

Target Twitter
Target’s ‘Classic #TargetRun‘ tweet


Target Facebook
Target’s ‘Classic #TargetRun‘ post


In addition to promoting its movies using conventional approaches, 24AM STUDIOS – the makers of Sivakarthikeyan’s 2016 Tamil romantic comedy, ‘Remo’ – has been engaging with its audience in the social media circle via innovative means. On the Seventeenth of the July, the production house had embraced the World Emoji Day by coming up with an engaging tweet that was intertwined with the aspects of Remo. In the tweet, the followers of the twitter account of 24AM STUDIOS, were provided with four standard emojis such as ‘Information desk person’, ‘Syringe’, ‘Dancer(medium light skin tone)’ and ‘Older man (light skin tone)’, which symbolically referred to four among the different makeovers of Sivakarthikeyan in ‘Remo’ and were offered a chance to comment their favourite emoji. This activity was done in Facebook as well.

24AM STUDIOS Twitter
24AM STUDIOS’s tweet to engage with its audience
24AM STUDIOS Twitter replies
Audience’s replies to 24AM STUDIOS’s tweet
24AM STUDIOS Facebook
24AM STUDIOS’s post to engage with its audience
24AM STUDIOS Facebook comments
Audience’s replies to 24AM STUDIOS’s post

2) Rotten Tomatoes

In the case of the Twitter account of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, the standard ‘Tomato’ emoji is utilized after the hashtag, ‘#Tomatometer’ in most of the tweets that contain the movie’s Tomatometer score or rating.

Rotten Tomatoes Twitter
Rotten Tomatoes’s tweet with the Tomatometer rating for the movie, ‘Atomic Blonde

In the case of the Facebook page of ‘Rotten Tomatoes’, the standard ‘Tomato’ emoji is utilized at end of most of the posts that inform the movie’s ‘Certified Fresh’ status.

Rotten Tomatoes Facebook
Rotten Tomatoes’s post announcing the ‘Certified Fresh‘ status for the movie, ‘Dunkirk

1) IT

In the official teaser and trailer of the film, the clip of the movie released in the MTV Awards, the Fan Art Contest conducted by the makers and the other promotional activities of ‘IT’, the red balloon has gained a prominence. This prominence has extended to the social media accounts of ‘IT’ as well, where the name of the movie’s Twitter account possesses the ‘Balloon’ emoji that already exists in Twitter. Occasionally, the tweets/posts of the movie’s Twitter/Facebook account possess the ‘Balloon’ emoji. It appears as if the ‘Balloon’ emoji is tailor-made for the social media accounts of ‘IT’.

IT Movie Twitter Profile Name
Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji in the Twitter profile name of the movie, ‘IT’
IT Movie Tweet
Tweet from ‘IT Movie‘ containing the Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji
IT Movie Tweet from Entertainment Weekly
Tweet from ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ containing the Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji
IT Movie Facebook Post
Post from ‘IT Movie‘ containing the Standard ‘Balloon‘ emoji

What are your favourite emoji marketing picks? Share with me in the comments section!

5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands

5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands

5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands
5 Amazing Guerrilla Marketing Strategies from Popular Brands

After reading the article titled, ‘What Is Guerrilla Marketing? 7 Examples to Inspire Your Brand’ written by Amanda Zantel-Weiner for Hubspot, I had surfed the internet to know more of such interesting Guerrilla Marketing strategies. Consequently, I came across innumerable strategies which I felt as being interesting. Among those, I have picked 5 and briefed about them in this post. Let’s take a look on them:

1. ‘Eyes On The Road’ Campaign for ‘Volkswagen’:

Volkswagen Eyes On the Road Campaign
Eyes On The Road’ Campaign for ‘Volkswagen

Via the ‘Eyes On the Road’ campaign, Volkswagen, in association with Ogilvy & Mather China, had offered societal values in a creative manner with the assistance of technology. In the campaign, they raised awareness among the people by highlighting the dangers of texting while driving.

As part of the campaign, a video was released, wherein the people initially seem to be waiting to watch a movie in ‘MCL Cinema’ in Hong Kong. In the movie hall, the lights go down and a video depicting the driving of a car, from the driver’s viewpoint, starts playing on the big screen. Then, a location-based short message is sent from the projector room to the defined Geo location within the theater i.e., to the mobile devices of the people who are out there in the theater. When everyone tries to take a look at the message in their respective mobiles, the car in the big screen is shown crashing. When everyone in the movie hall is rendering a clueless stare over the on-screen happening, the message, “Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel” is displayed on the screen. Following which the audience are let known that all what they experienced till that moment was a reminder to them to keep their eyes on the road while driving. The Volkswagen logo accompanied by the phrase, ‘Das Auto.’ gets displayed at the end of the ad.

Click here to watch the video.

2. ‘A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop’ prank for ‘Carrie’:

A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop’ prank for ‘Carrie’
A Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop’ prank for ‘Carrie

To promote the 2013 Hollywood horror film Carrie, its makers, in association with Thinkmodo, had staged a larger than life situation in Snice Coffee Shop in West Village, New York.

Before staging the event in the cafe; a fake wall was put up in the shop, a pulley system was integrated to the fake wall, tables and chairs were remote controlled and pictures and books were spring loaded. Following which, few actors – including the primary characters, a stunt man and a woman – posing as customers, were made to sit inside the coffee shop.

Whenever a customer, who is unaware of the above mentioned setup, visits the shop, the stunt man topples the coffee of the woman, who is seated in the nearby table, and pretends as if he unintentionally did so. Getting angry over her coffee being spilt, the woman is shown unleashing her telekinetic powers. As a result of which, the customers see the stunt man getting lifted up the fake wall, chairs and tables being moved randomly from their positions and pictures and books being thrown from the shelves and walls.

Click here to enjoy watching the prank video.

3. ‘Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ prank for ‘Pepsi Max’:

Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ for ‘Pepsi Max’
Unbelievable Bus Shelter’ prank for ‘Pepsi Max

To promote PepsiCo’s ‘Pepsi Max’, Augmented Reality was deployed – in an interesting manner – over a see through window, available in the bus shelter of London’s New Oxford Street.

In the bus shelter, people were surprised on seeing unbelievable events on the see through window; a bomb approaching the bus shelter and exploding after dashing the glass, a tentacle of an octopus popping up from the drainage pit and abducting a person into the hole, a set of flying saucers floating above the skyline, a man hanging from balloons advancing towards the bus shelter, a giant laser-shooting robot and a fully grown tiger running towards the bus shelter.

Click here to have a look at the Augmented Reality stunt of Pepsi Max.

4. ‘Invisible Car’ Campaign for ‘Mercedez-Benz’:

Invisible Car’ Campaign for ‘Mercedez Benz’
Invisible Car’ Campaign for ‘Mercedez Benz

Mercedez-Benz, in association with Jung von Matt (an Advertising agency headquartered in Germany), had implemented an innovative campaign to promote their F-CELL hydrogen fuel cell technology (a technology that allows the car to have zero-emissions or emit no pollutants to the environment).

As part of the campaign, mats containing numerous LEDs were utilized to cover the driver side of the car leaving out the tyres. A camera that was placed on the other side of the car captured the happenings on its side and transmitted them to the LEDs. Initially, the public were puzzled to see the car. Later, after getting to know on how the technology operates, they gathered around the car to enjoy watching their own reflections on the LEDs.

Click here to watch the glimpse of the ‘Invisible Car’ campaign.

5. ‘So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video for ‘LG’:

So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video for ‘LG’
So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video for ‘LG

To advertise their IPS monitors, LG, along with SuperHeroes (an Advertising agency based in Amsterdam, Netherlands) had come up with a video where unsuspecting people were pranked of dropping floors in a moving elevator.

Before the prank, 3’*3’ of IPS monitors were placed over the lower surface of an elevator to actually look like the lift’s floor. After people got into the elevator and it started moving, in each monitor, a video played in such a way that the floor of the lift appeared dropping. The perplexed reactions of the people, in response to the prank, were captured on hidden cameras that were placed inside the elevator.

Click here to watch the ‘So Real, it’s Scary’ prank video.

So, here I end my article about the 5 amazing Guerrilla Marketing strategies that have been implemented by 5 popular brands to promote their respective products.

Do you feel the above mentioned Guerrilla Marketing strategies to be amazing? Sound off in the comments section below.