Here’s how Brands are making the most of Experiential Events!

Here’s how Brands are making the most of Experiential Events!

Find your target audience. Know what they expect from you. Create and offer them a unique experience around their expectation. Thereby, make them feel moved by your approach.

When you do all the above, you may earn not alone customers but their loyalty too.

This has been the beauty of Experiential Marketing.

But, your marketing efforts need not stop with providing just an experience. There are opportunities for you to make the most of such occasions.

So, in this article, let me explain on how brands are using experiential events to the best advantage.

Effective Email Marketing Drive as a follow-up to GlassBarge:

Corning Incorporated (an American multinational technology company) started as Brooklyn Flint Glass Works in 1868. It founded Corning Museum of Glass (CMoG, a museum in Corning, New York) in 1951. To mark the journey of Corning Inc., Corning Museum of Glass is presenting GlassBarge (a canal barge furnished with CMoG’s all-electric glass making equipment). The canal barge travels for four months to various shore sides of New York. Wherein, it does a free glassblowing demonstration in each port city. People can view schedules and reserve seating for the shows in Eventbrite (U.S.-based event management and ticketing website).

CMoG collected the list of GlassBarge visitors who reserved advance tickets via Eventbrite. It sent them a thank you email and invited them to the museum by providing a discount on entrance fee. The emails saw a 50 percent open rate. This open rate is double the average open rate as per MailChimp.

This case conveys on how a notable event can transform to an effective email marketing drive.

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Event as a channel to know the fans:

RQ, a marketing agency partnered Pizza Hut with Getty Images (American stock photo agency) at South by Southwest, 2018. Wherein, Pizza Hut served Pizza at the lounge outside the photo studio of Getty Images. In the event, the American restaurant chain interacted with the customers. Whereby, Pizza Hut got to know a group of fans which it manages to use for influencer campaigns.

This instance lets us know on how a brand used an event as a channel to interact with its customers. And, got to know their viewpoints on the brand. To top it all, the company identified its brand advocates and is leveraging them.


The scenarios have shown the options for brands to make the most of experiential events. One in the form of using the data obtained from live events for email marketing. And, other in the form of getting to know a brand’s fans to later tap into them for influencer campaigns. Thereby, the strategies illustrate on how far the experiential marketing can be beneficial.

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