Testing 280 characters in Twitter: A Conducive Approach

Testing 280 characters in Twitter: A Conducive Approach

A Conducive method in the 280 character limit test
Testing 280 characters in Twitter: A Conducive Approach

I read the article titled, ‘Testing 280 characters: Because the trademark brevity of tweets has also proved a liability’ that has been published in the ‘TOI Editorials’ section of the daily, ‘The Times of India’. I agree with the bottom line of the write-up i.e. welcoming the increase in the character count of tweets. At the same time, I feel that the Twitter’s approach in bringing this change could have been different.

For the purpose of testing, instead of doubling the character count of tweets at one go and seeding the change to only selected user accounts, Twitter could have followed an incremental approach by involving all its users. For example, consider the approach wherein at first, the character limit of tweets is increased from ‘140’ to ‘160’ and the change is delivered to every Twitter user for utilization. After studying the response of the Twitter users — with respect to the update — for a period of over three months, the character count of tweets is increased further by ‘20’ and the update is made available to the user immediately. In this process, every round of increment is done based on the necessity that is obtained out of the observation over the response of the users for the previous increment.

The reason behind the approach of increasing the number by ‘20’, in every increment, is to gradually make most of the twitterati to come out of their ‘emotional connect’ with the current character limit. As far as the factor of ‘months’ is concerned, the intention is purely to offer a duration for the users to settle with a change. Also, within the stipulated time interval between the two increments, people managing the Twitter accounts of organizations, institutions and other businesses will find enough time to come up with a plan, execute their formula and gain insights about the various aspects of the update with respect to their work.

And here ends my thought regarding the alternative approach that could have been deployed in increasing the character count of tweets in Twitter. Now, let me know your opinion about my article in the comments section!


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